Just be Grateful1 min read

Yes, Thanksgiving is this Thursday. A time for relaxing, eating, watching football and most importantly being thankful for what we have.

With that in mind, this past week I was watching the television show called “The Profit”. In this episode Marcus Lemonis had visited Cuba for the first time to meet with various entrepreneurs. What I found amazing was how many restrictions were placed on these small businesses in that country. Interesting enough though was even with these restrictions, those entrepreneurs still found a way to work with what they had to slowly fulfill their dream of owning and building their own business.

Do we sometimes lose focus of all the gifts we have in life? Do we choose to focus on what we have at our disposal to grow ourselves and our business? There are blessings around us every day. Unfortunately, in business and life when things don’t quite work out as planned we tend to look at what we don’t have opposed to what we do.

To combat this challenge, I have found that a gratitude journal works very well in keeping our minds in the right place. Just a simple composition book will do for this exercise. Every morning or every evening, just write 5 things that you are grateful for, that’s it. It can be anything. Heck this time of year we can just be grateful for our South Florida weather!

In life and business, not everything always goes as planned. I always say that “you get what you focus on.” So, if you don’t have one already, start your gratitude journal today and focus on all your blessings in life and you’ll be surprised how everything just happens to work out.