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Just a few weeks back, I took a client out for dinner to celebrate our one year anniversary of working together. I had previously heard from several other clients that there is a particular restaurant that I just had to visit. I took this as a prime opportunity to visit this restaurant.

Since I arrived a bit earlier than my client I went inside. The place was quite small with a L-shaped bar which sat 8 and only four tables. While waiting I ordered a beer, the selection was Bud or Bud lite.

I took my beer and went outside to wait for my guest. There were several patrons waiting on lawn chairs drinking their favorite homemade cocktails of which every one of them that I had spoken to told me it is definitely worth the wait.

Alan arrived and we decided to sit at the bar. We had a couple of appetizers of which both were excellent. The swordfish and the wahoo we ordered for dinner were delicious and cooked to perfection. The side selection was either coleslaw or salad, rice or fries. When we finished the waitress offered us desert which was key lime pie.

As simple as everything was. Bud or Bud Lite, fries of rice, salad or slaw and key lime pie. It was absolutely fantastic! Why? Because they have mastered delivery. They have mastered the process. They keep it simple, they deliver with mastery and because of this they create raving fan customers that tell their friends and colleagues that keep on coming back for more.

Keep it simple, master the process and create raving fan customers of your organization.

For more tips about this, watch this video:

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