Lead like a Virtual Lion!3 min read

While listening to Brad Sugars, the founder of Action Coach last week, he shared something very insightful. With me being a Leo, I jumped all over it. We’re now all currently in a virtual world, things are a bit different than they were from just a month ago. We have all needed to shift, pivot and adapt to the new way of doing business. Those of us who have teams working virtually need to continually hold communication and execution to the utmost importance.  

In a virtual world there are certain ways of communicating. I’m going to share some tips on how to Lead like a Virtual Lion. Let’s take that word, Lion. As we’re conducting our virtual meetings, especially on Monday, the L in Lion covers what everyone did last week. We review everyone’s KPIs, (key performance indicators), we’re simply just following up and covering what action steps we took last week, the things we were supposed to implement in addition to what results were achieved. We’re simply making sure that we just did what we said we were going to do.

Once last week is covered, we move on to the I. The I in Lion stands for issues and/or challenges. What issues are we facing? What challenges are we facing? This discussion gives us an opportunity as a team to brainstorm, mastermind and really press with questions to find the solutions for those issues and challenges. This is a critical area in times of change. 

Once this area is address, we proceed to the O. The O in Lion is looking forward at the potential opportunities. What opportunities are showing up that we can take advantage of? How can we shift, pivot and change to really focus on the possibilities in this sort of cycle? Again, this presents an opportunity to brainstorm and mastermind as a team to move forward in a positive way. What are the possibilities of how you can shine as an organization and a team in this environment? How can we serve better and be a value to our community? These questions will drive us to growing as a team and organization.

Finally, the last letter in the word Lion is the N. Most importantly on Friday after reviewing all the key points of the organization, we’ll be discussing what’s most important for us to get done next week. This provides us a chance to get clear and plan exactly what steps we’re going to focus on the week ahead prior to retiring for the weekend.

Discipline yourself and your team to follow these four simple steps. By leading like a virtual lion, you will keep your communication to the upmost importance as your tackling every issue, both good and bad while applying solutions and strategies to lead your organization and team forward through this cycle. Remember, keep this discipline in play as it gives you the opportunity to come out the other side that much stronger.