Most Exciting Revelation in Business3 min read

I’ve been in business for over 40 years now, between the restaurant industry, the financial industry, the consulting industry, and then finally having my coaching practice for the last nine years. I finally concluded recently, what’s the most exciting thing when you’re dealing with people is, and especially in business? It’s dealing with somebody that does what they say, the way they say they’re going to do it when they say they’re going to do it.

I’ll share an example. I had someone come over to my office that had to get something done for me. Unfortunately, they had an occurrence outside of their realm of controllability, of which they had to leave and take care of. However, they text me, “Don’t worry, it will be in your inbox first thing in the morning.” I checked my inbox that following morning, and there it was. I can’t tell you the feeling of exhilaration and excitement I had knowing I had what I needed when I needed it.

Knowing that what that person said, he delivered on it. That’s what business and life are all about, doing business with people that do what they say they’re going to do, the way they say they’re going to do it when they say they’re going to do it. That is what delivery mastery in business is all about. It’s your word, which is like a steel bond. When you say you’re going to do something, everyone else knows it’s as good as done. They have your word.

Let’s take delivery mastery of McDonald’s. Consistency. You can go anywhere in the world and get the same burger, same fries, same shake, you know exactly what you’re going to get. Amazon Prime. Hit a button, boom, on your doorstep the next day. They send a picture of it on your phone, then they follow up to see how you’re doing. They have delivery mastery mastered. They do what they say, the way they say they’re going to do it when they say they’re going to do it. You can consistently rely on Amazon Prime because they’re going to deliver the goods.

So, you have to ask yourself, how is your organization structured in reference to delivery mastery? When everyone from the leader down, to every single employee, knows when a person says they’re going to get something done, it’s as good as done. That’s how business works. It increases trust, productivity, efficiency, margins, and profits. Everybody’s happy. Everybody knows that people are staying in their lane and they’re doing their job well.

There’s a great phrase, “Your actions speak so loud I can’t hear a word you’re saying.” What that means is when you say you’re going to get something done, your actions speak and get it done. I encourage you to rate yourself how you are delivering in delivery mastery. Do you do exactly what you say, the way you’re saying you’re going to do it when you’re saying you’re going to do it, so when you give somebody your word, it’s as good as gold. It’s a solid, steel bond.  

When you deliver and work in an organization that way, from top to bottom and from bottom to top, you will be one of the leaders in the industry of your organization, just like Amazon Prime and McDonald’s.

COACH MICHAEL DILL is an Award-Winning, Certified, Business Coach, Speaker, and Trainer. He brings more than 40 years of business and entrepreneurial experience in his leadership, team training, and mentoring practice. Michael’s passion is to both encourage and challenge business owners and entrepreneurs to become their best selves both personally and professionally to obtain all they want in their business and life. 

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