Outside the Box1 min read


Apple computer, Uber, Google, Facebook, Linkedin are all companies that were created from someone who thought outside the box. There are hundreds of inventions that we take for granted today that at one time were thought of as impossible. There are men and women of the past who shared their ideas of these inventions and were thought of as crazy.

Think of all the things we do or have today that many people said could not be done. In the sixties having a man walk on the moon was a reality only after it was a dream, a vision, a goal. Our current cell phones with all these different applications that we now use today just 20 years ago was an impossibility.

Our only limitation, within reason, lies in our development and use of our imagination. If we were to stay inside the box with our thinking we would never see the possibilities of any creation what-so-ever.

I invite you to view my you tube video below. Go through the exercise, see if you get it before I share it. The only way to create greatness is to think of what is possible, create a plan to get there, take the action necessary and drown out all negative influences along the way.

Venture outside the box into the world of possibilities and you just may be surprised of what you are capable of.


Click here for more on this:  https://youtu.be/95m6DOs4MpA