Qualities of Greatness = Having Fun & Cashing Checks!3 min read

The National Basketball Association regular season begins tomorrow, Tuesday, October 22, 2019. Personally, I’m not a big basketball fan, however, I’m excited as I believe there’s a new phenom in the sport that has already revealed several clues of what it takes to be a true winner.   

This phenom is the number 1 overall pick of the NBA New Orleans Pelicans. His name is Zion Williamson, he’s only 19 years old, 6’7’’, weighs 284lbs. and is an absolute physical specimen. However, what’s most impressive is not necessarily his physical presence, but his strong mind and thought process. It is this what impresses me most and reveals the real clues of success.

Let me share six of Zion’s quotes and lessons of where he created the winner attitude!

“This is what I wanted since I was 4 years old.” Zion at a very early age created the clarity of exactly what he wanted in life. This is one of the first lessons we must develop when starting a business and that is “where exactly where do we want to go with it?” This clarity of destination will provide us the road map of what steps to take to direct our focus, team, and company in that desired direction.

“If I can have this as a job!” Zion shared this awareness in words at an early age. His stepfather told him that only a select few make it to the top or even make it to the NBA, and if you really want it, you’re going to have to put in the work. This is the same for us as when we create our plan of execution we simply need to put in the work.

“I wanted to make my presence known to the world.” When Zion arrived at Duke University, he simply wanted to be one of the best in the world and win a National Championship of which they did in 2019. This attribute of leadership displays qualities of which we can all follow. As a leader when we decide to do whatever it takes to be our absolute best, that in itself becomes a contagious attitude that permeates throughout the entire team and organization.

“This is a Dream come true.” When drafted #1 by the New Orleans Pelicans, Zion was humbled by his accomplishment and gave credit to his parents of how they sacrificed for his dreams. You don’t have to be arrogant in your greatness, you will be respected much more when you are humble in your greatness.

“I love playing with a basketball.” This shows his simple love of the game. They say, when you love what you do, then it isn’t a job. Let your passion shine in your business endeavors and you and all those around you will be rewarded with so much more.

“I’m loving it!” These were Zion’s words when he was interviewed after a pre-season game. This reminds me of when Michael Jordon was asked to sum up his experience in basketball in one word. Michael exclaimed that it was “Fun!” I have my own saying of “When you’re having Fun – you’re in the Zone and when you’re in the Zone – you’re Cashing Checks!”

Head the lessons of this young man. Get clear on your destination – Put in the work – Be your Absolute Best – Be Humble – Love what you do – Have fun and just as Zion did – Go cash your checks!