Really, are you kidding me?3 min read

A while back I was coaching a financial advisor on a large team where we achieved great results working together where the leader of the team was so impressed with the growth of this individual that he asked me if I would coach his son. He did, however, provide me a disclaimer that it would be difficult for me to keep his sons attention ashe had ADHD. I agreed to coach his son, however, dismissed the ADHD conversation.

I met with Zachary and witnessed that he was a very bright young man. We began a conversation around what he enjoyed in life. The conversation turned to sports and most particularly baseball, you see Zachary enjoyed pitching. I asked him that when he’s on the mound, I would imagine that there must be a lot going on around him. He had to be aware of how many outs, was his defense properly positioned on the field, what runners were currently on base all while concentrating on the pitch count and the batter. I also asked him how he could possibly concentrate and comprehend all that was going around him if he actually had ADHD?

On the flip side we discussed that if he’s having a conversation with someone that is really not very engaging or the other person is actually really boring and he becomes not interested and doesn’t listen he all of a sudden is diagnosed with ADHD, the doctor writes a prescription and he is now taking Ritalin.

I share this story as I believe the term ADHA or ADD are used way too loosely. I actually talk to business owners, business leaders, entrepreneurs that tell me, Coach Michael, I’d be a lot more organized however I have ADHD or Coach Michael, I have a hard time focusing or remembering things because I have ADHD. Really! Are you kidding me? That’s the excuse you’re going to use?

In my opinion, I believe that if you are using the I have ADHD card as an excuse of why you don’t have your act together. It’s only because you haven’t made a conscious decision to focus on what’s most important to get crystal clear on your vital functions on what most moves you, your team and your company forward. Because if you are communicating to your team that you have ADHD and they may have to remind you a couple of times of what you spoke about because you might forget. I guarantee it’s not serving you, your team, your customers or your company.

Now here’s an interesting question to ponder. If any of your team was to pull that I have ADHD card on you, “Sorry, boss, I forgot, I have ADHD.” What would your response be? Actually, I would love to witness the expression on your face when that happens. You may actually be thinking about maybe firing that person. My question to you is, what are they thinking when you use that on them?

My advice, if you’re pulling that ADHD card out of your back pocket to use when you don’t have your act together. I have two words for you, “Stop it!” That’s right, simply “Stop it!”

If you’re really having a difficult time getting focused, or organized and need someone’s help. Simply, call me and I’ll get you focused on what’s most important to create the clarity on your vital functions of what most moves you, your team and your company forward.