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In a scene in the beginning of the film “Jerry Maguire” were those famous lines that we all remember and still use today, “Show me the Money”. It was when Jerry was frantically attempting to save his book of clients while every other broker in the firm was patching those clients to Bob Sugar.

Rod Tidwell a football player of the Arizona Cardinals, played by Cuba Gooding Jr.’s was put through to Jerry by his assistant. Rod then proceeded to rant on about how he needs a new contract keeping Jerry on the phone the entire time. He finally asked Jerry to make a commitment to him if he was going to retain him as his agent. The commitment was that Jerry had to show Rod the money meaning getting him his big contract.

Rod proceeded to chastise Jerry into screaming those words loudly over the phone as so he can hear him ever so clearly. Everyone in the organization was witnessing Jerry’s meltdown as he screamed those famous words. Rod finally lets Jerry off the phone. Exhausted, Jerry realized then that he was leaving with his one and only client.

What is the lesson in those words? In any business or organization, what has to be in place for your clients, prospects, and consumers to “Show you the Money.” You can’t just expect your consumers to step up to purchase your product and services.

You actually have to earn the right to gain their business. You, your team and your organization need to be running on all cylinders. Your customer service has to be top notch. Your organization must be systemized as so nothing slipped through the cracks.

When your organization has the structure and has systemized itself to hold and deliver itself to the highest standard of excellence. Then and only then can you expect your clients to “Show you the Money!”