Step 2 in Building your Synergistic Dream Team3 min read

Samuel Adams, Benjamin Franklin, John Hancock, and others had a vision of a free nation more than 200 years ago. Bill Gates had a vision of a computer in every home. Steve jobs multiplied that vision by essentially putting a computer in every hand.

Elon Musk’s had a vision of an automobile that would drive itself.  A year ago, after losing to Alabama in the 2018 National Championship Game, Dabo Swinney and the Clemson Tigers created a vision of beating Alabama in the 2019 National Championship Game and built a culture and team to do so.

When you are crystal clear on your vision, create the plan to follow, get complete buy-in from the entire team, put in the effort to execute that vision and plan as a team, it never becomes a matter of if, it only becomes a matter of when.

If you were to watch the postgame show after this year’s National Championship game when the coaches and players were interviewed. You would have noticed how humbled they all were, none of them talked about their personal accolades, they all gave praise to the vision, the culture, their effort, their teammates, their coaches, and God. There were members of the team that last year decided to forgo the NFL draft, only to come back a year later to accomplish their vision of winning a National Championship.

This is why step two of Building your Synergistic Dream Team is in creating the company or organizations vision.

A Vision Statement is the “Strategic Intent” of the organization – it should be considered the ultimate goal.  It captures the essence of success, is stable over time and is deeply motivating to the organization at all levels.

A Vision Statement should be built with the end in mind. It should be a living breathing document that expresses your beliefs, values, goals, philosophy, and successful expected outcomes. It should be proudly displayed in the organization and on the web site for all to see. It should have buy-in from all levels of the organization. Everyone in the organization should be able to recite the vision if ever asked.

Understand that many companies do not have a Vision Statement, some do, and some of those decide to keep it a secret. The owner may know what it is, however, that’s as far as it goes.

Think about working for an organization that does not have a vision, the question is. Where are you going? What are you all about? How do you serve the greater good? How can someone proudly represent the organizations brand if they don’t know what it truly stands for?

I have listed four Vision Statement examples; one being a chiropractor, one being a restoration company, the Action Coach Vision and the last being mine. As you read these, think of how you perceive the company while reading their vision.

To serve the community by increasing their overall quality of life through compassionate extraordinary chiropractic care

To become the most trusted restoration company in South Florida by restoring peoples lives one home or business at a time.

World Abundance through Business Reeducation.

Recognized as a High Impact Coach, Mentor, Speaker, Trainer who consistently empowers others to see, be and do more by fully utilizing their true abilities and potential.

Take a look at any past examples of success for any organization, company, sports team, non-profit, community, town, and you will always find that the success always started with a clear vision of where they were going and what they stood for.

If anyone needs any assistance in creating a vision for their organization, please do not hesitate to reach out.