Success is all in the words you use!

In the understanding of everything you do matters, lesson two is all in the words you use. I would wager to bet that some of you out there are actually using words in your vocabulary that are sabotaging your success and worse yet, you are not even aware of it. If you are using what I call escape words like try, if, should, but or can’t, understand that those words are creating doubt and uncertainty in your language. 

One of my favorite Zig Ziglar quotes is “The most important conversation you have is the conversation you have with yourself.” Why do I share this? In every conversation, there are always two people listening. The person you’re speaking too as well as your own subconscious self. 

Let’s say you are selling your product or service to a customer and you are using those doubt words mentioned above. The energy you are putting out is creating doubt and uncertainty in your customer and they’re not buying. Because of this, you are struggling with your conversion rate and you again don’t even know why. In addition, when you are saying those words, you are also telling your subconscious that you are not really serious. Think about the phrase “if I make it happen” opposed to “when I make it happen.” The switching up of that one word from if to when takes the doubt out, creates a timeline and puts the certainty in. When you use the word like try in a sentence, your subconscious mind picks up on that word and interprets that you’re not serious. 

How do we combat this challenge? First, by you just taking the time to read this blog you are now becoming conscious of the words you use. My clients, as well as myself, sometimes use the wrong words, however, we catch ourselves and quickly insert a different more certain type word. Instead of using the word if, use the word when. Instead of try, use the word implement or will. Take some positive certain words and supplement them in place of the words that are creating doubt. 

Speaking of the right words, I will share two words that you most definitely want to use in the right context. They are the most powerful two words in the human language if used correctly and those words are “I Am”. Why? Because everything that follows the words “I Am” creates who you are.  The wrong context would be “I am just not organized and focused,” or “I am not a good leader.” Remember your subconscious mind is picking up on your language and permutating your brain accordingly. 

How do we leverage these two words? Look at any area of your life or business that you do not feel strong and create an “I Am” phrase that builds strength, power, and confidence to squash that non-serving I am like a bug! 

If any of you out there are disbelievers in this statement, I will share a story to prove that those two words do carry power. In 2016 I had a client who wanted to be Young Entrepreneur of the Year at our annual Awards Conference. Fortunately, on the evening of the event, Matt was called to the stage as the winner of that said award. The next morning as Matt was reading his morning affirmations and “I Am” statements, his business partner Scott, that was sharing the room mentioned, “Hey Matt, you need to add another I am to your list.” “What’s that” Matt replied. “It’s obvious, Matt, I am Young Entrepreneur of the Year.” Matt simply replied, “Heck, I’ve been reading that every morning for a year now, last night was just the realization of my affirmation.” Instantly Scott received a true understanding of the reality of how powerful those two words can be. This serves as evidence of how impactful using the right words and language can be in the deliverance of your own success. 

Lesson two of “It’s not one thing” is all about you becoming conscious in the words you use. Apply the right words in your vocabulary, get them working for you opposed to against you and you will begin to witness an increase in your business, your confidence and your success. Because what it really comes down to is that people buy confidence. Unfortunately, if you are using the wrong words, and you are putting doubt and uncertainty in your conversations. You are not communicating confidence. 

Master steps one and two in everything you do matters and you yourself will begin to understand how powerful the mind can truly be when leveraged and used properly.