Thank those who served. Then Recharge.2 min read

Next Monday the United States will celebrate Memorial Day. It’s a special day to take the time to remember the dedicated men and women of the Armed Forces who gave their lives while serving our country. Before you head out to the beach, jump on your boat to do some fishing or just BBQ by the pool or at a park, be sure to take a moment and remember those young men and women who sacrifice and served.

Memorial Day is also a day to relax and recharge. Now for all you business owners out there it’s important to understand that the definition of a business is a “Commercial, Profitable Enterprise that works without You!”

Now if your company is a business that needs you 100% of the time for the business to run, then unfortunately it’s not really a business. It’s most likely a job with lots of responsibilities. A real business is an enterprise that’s systematized in a manner that it can be wrapped up and sold one day.

Whether your company is running in a synergistic manner that it can be sold one day or not. You must also be willing to put it aside for a couple days so you can both celebrate those who served and also take the time to relax and recharge so you can go back with a full tank to create a business that you could sell one day.

My gift this Memorial Day is to one veteran or a spouse of a fallen veteran who is now running his or her own business. My offer is that I will be more than happy to extend my services to this person on a pro-bono basis. If anyone would like to take me up on this offer, contact me at 954-675-9536 or email me at

Happy Memorial Day,

Coach Michael