Do you check off all the boxes?5 min read

When it really gets down to business, our job is to create a business that works for us. The only way to accomplish this is to first create an empowered team that takes pride in representing your brand. The second is to find raving fan clients/customers that you are passionate about working with because when you’re working with people that you enjoy and like, you’ll create the win-wins day in and day out. In addition, when you’re working with people that you love, work simply becomes more fun, gratifying, and most importantly, more profitable!

Now, follow me in today’s lesson as it’s going to be very valuable. Several weeks ago, one of my coaches shared with me on our Monday morning call, “Michael, I was thinking about you all weekend. I realized that you have the ‘Dill Factor’.” At first, when I heard it, I thought it was kind of funny. She shared, “Your clients are very fortunate that you bring the ‘Dill Factor’ to the equation.” I replied jokingly, that my wife might disagree. However, we began to dig into this so-called ‘Dill Factor’ and it actually transpired into a pretty amazing process and outcome.

Representing the ‘Dill Factor’ for the D we came up withDeliberate – Deliberate with me the Coach being Who I need to be – To go Where I need to go – To have my clients See what they need to see – To make the Shifts they need to make – To take the Action they need to take – To essentially get the Results they’re after both personally and professionally.

I  is forInvestigative – I will lift up every stone to find what makes my client tick!

L – is for Leverage – I’ll teach my clients how to Leverage every available opportunity to grow themselves, their team, and their business.

L – is forLucrative – Applying the ‘Dill Factor’ becomes a very Lucrative Investment for my client and their business.

I’ll share that once we completed this part of the process it provided me great confidence and clarity on who I was for myself and my clients which also made me realize my commitment in the game as well as the value my client receives while working with me.

The next question she then asked was, “Michael, what type of clients will qualify for the ‘Dill Factor’?

When I thought about it, actually, the answer was fairly easy. I simply just listed all my current raving fan client names one by one. Followed by listing their character traits and qualities of why I love working with them and why they achieve such great results working with me. The result of this process then provided me with the exact bullet points of what my ideal client checklist actually looks like. We then funneled this list down to provide extra clarity on my ideal.

Taking this another step further. Four weeks ago, I was having a conversation with a potential client. This was our third conversation his name was Leo. I simply shared with him, “Leo, I’m convinced that you would check off all the boxes as an ideal client. Of somebody I work with that will be very successful in working together.” I said, “Would it be okay if I shared the list with you and see if we check them all off together?” We went through the list line by line and Leo was able to check off all the boxes.

I then simply asked him, “Leo, do you now see why I’m so convinced why we should be working together, and why I believe you’ll be successful?” The answer was, yes, and Leo and I have been working together for about a month now as he is already making strategic improvements, doing great things with his team and organization, which in turn makes me very excited. I will add that this conversation was not planned, however, just happened naturally. 

This entire process started with what I thought was a funny conversation about the ‘Dill Factor’. However, as I began to filter down through this process, I became really clear on exactly who I like to work with which makes for a win/win for both my clients and my business. 

Now there’s one more step to this entire process. At the end of this blog, there’s going to be a video link. I’m going to ask you to click on the link and view the video. It’s going to have a few of those character traits of an ideal client. As you watch this, if you feel you could check off all the boxes, perhaps you and I should be having a conversation.

This entire process has been very valuable to me as I also feel it will be valuable for you. I encourage you to take the time to go through this process yourself. If you need some help, feel free to reach out. I’ll help you with it, as I will guarantee that when you go through this process, it will create the clarity for you, your clients, and most importantly the profitability of your company.

Coach Michael’s ideal client video