Unique Selling Proposition2 min read

Developing a Unique Selling Proposition is a way for you to get clear on how you stand above your competition and also in properly attracting and serving your desired customer.

To get clear on this you must use The Secret Psychology Formula.

The Secret Psychology Formula is a set of questions for you to answer to get clear on your target market and how to properly attract and serve them. I will use my own practice as an example of how you may answer the questions.

  • The first step is to get clear on exactly who is your Target Market. – Business owners and/or organizations who may want more from their team, more time or increased revenues and profits.
  • What is their Primary Problem that they may encounter? Either their team is not empowered and aligned or the company is not hitting their revenue and profit goals.
  • What is the Impact on them, their life, family and business? Increased stress on owner and less time with family.
  • What is it that they want more than anything else? Balance and freedom by having a synergistic business.
  • What are their concerns that they may have about purchasing your product or service? Not sure how or if it will work for them. Will it deliver a ROI?
  • What is something you could say or do to help them overcome these buying concerns? Testimonials from clients and organizations. Explain my guarantee. Show them the ROI in coaching.
  • What could you offer to this prospect that has a high perceived value and low cost to your company? A complimentary coaching session.

These are just some examples of how I may answer these questions. Take inventory of your own organization by answering these questions and you just may get clearer on creating your own Unique Selling Proposition.