Vision, Mission and Culture


Recognized as a High Impact Coach, Mentor, Speaker, Trainer who consistently empowers others to see, be and do more by fully utilizing their true abilities and potential.


Creating win/win relationships by Empowering, Energizing & Inspiring others to Take Action. Consistently making a stand for excellence by getting others to go outside their comfort zone – to experience growth beyond what they thought was possible. This is done through Fearless & Accountability Coaching, Team Building, Leadership Coaching, Organizational Alignments and Speaking. By witnessing and experiencing their own professional and personal growth, my clients will in turn Energize and Inspire me to be and do more. Bottom line is to consistently create extraordinary results while working together.


PERSISTENCE: We will consistently stand for excellence. We will never stop three feet from the gold. We will stay persistent in our quest to get the best out of ourselves as well as others.

OWNERSHIP: If it’s to be, it’s up to me. We will always take ownership and responsibility for our actions and outcomes and will own everything that takes place in our work and life.

WORD: We will stay impeccable to our word as we will do as we say, how we say, when we say. We will position ourselves to always be trusted and counted on.

ENGAGEMENT: We will always engage others to go outside their comfort zone to see more in themselves than they thought they were capable of previously. We will ask the questions that no one else is willing to ask to have others gain true clarity.

RIPPLE: We are responsible for ourselves in the act of coaching others to create the best of themselves, their team, their company, their community and their family. Like a ripple effect in the water that spreads wider and wider, we impact more and more people through fearless coaching.


INTEGRITY: We will always come from a place of authenticity and integrity to help others to see the truth in themselves and get what they truly want.

COMMITMENT: We give of ourselves, and everything we commit to 100% until we succeed. We are committed to the Vision, Mission, Culture and Success of Power & Ice Wealth Creation, it’s team, its clients and all of who we assist.

ENERGY: Energy, Enthusiasm and Stamina is needed for true success and we will stay in top physical and mental form to consistently give our all to others.