What is the F word?3 min read

Thanks to our great community of coaches and there sharing, we’re going to tackle several F-words today that we believe are key to running successful organizations. Below are just a few of what we came up with.

Fear – Fear is just avoidance of having to do something of the unknown or unfamiliar. We are simply avoiding it because we haven’t gone there before. True Growth starts at the end of our comfort zone and the only way to grow is to embrace our fears opposed to avoiding them.

Failure – Great teams and organizations fail fast, fairly often, and freely. When you embrace your fears, you move forward and sometimes you succeed and sometimes you fail. However, we all must get comfortable with failing forward to succeed. Where would the advancement of our world be today if every time someone who had failed in the past chose not to try again? I’m sure Thomas Edison would have had an interesting answer to that question.

Fundamentals – Fundamentals are simply the systems and processes that you employ in your organization. It’s all the important little things you do consistently to keep the team and organization moving forward synergistically. If you stop practicing the fundamentals that brought you the success you are experiencing you will soon find yourself stuck and wondering what happened to the wonderful momentum you were enjoying in your organization.

Finance – For organizations to last, they must have Financial Stability. And to have Financial Stability, they must know their numbers inside and out. They must have the right metrics in a scoreboard of which they can read to make the proper shifts and decisions to keep the organizations cash flow running smoothly forward.

Focus – “The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing” Focus on what most moves the needle in your business forward. Not only you as the leader, however, everyone on your team must know the vital functions of what’s most important in the success of your organization.

Future – When you’re mastering these principles along with your entire organization being clear on the path to accomplishing the companies mission and most important vital functions. You should have a bright future as you’re consistently pushing forward.

Fun – We have all had good days and bad days on the job. In the end, the only difference was that you were either having fun or you weren’t. When we are having fun in our professions we simply achieve better results. Simply put, when you’re having Fun in business you’re in the Zone, and when you’re in the Zone you’re Cashing Checks. I hope in the end, we’re all in business to cash checks.

Get clear on what F’s you need to incorporate into your organization and create an organization that can be operating in the Zone so you can be Consistently Cashing Checks.