What is YOUR lollipop moment?2 min read

Drew Dudley, in his Ted Talk “Everyday Leadership,” tells a story of a time when he gave a lollipop to a girl, not realizing that it set in motion a path that would change her life forever.  She came back into his life 4 years later to let him know that he was the reason for her staying in college, and meeting her future husband. All with a simply lollipop.  Dudley defines a lollipop moment as a time when someone “fundamentally made your life better.” Yet for some reason, we don’t let them know.  Nor do we realize the simple things we do that may impact another person’s life.



Why don’t we GIVE credit for leadership?

Many times when someone has made an impact on our lives, we don’t realize it. Think back to school. Everyone has that one teacher that they remember. But have you gone back and told them how much they influenced you and helped you to become the person you are today?

Other times we don’t acknowledge someone because we don’t realize the role they played at that time.  Have you had a mentor that you looked up to? Did you let them know? You may not realize how much they need words of praise and you will lift them up with your words or actions.

Why don’t we TAKE credit for leadership?

A true leader gives credit to his team. He may give them all the credit when they succeed. The reality is the team wouldn’t follow his lead if they didn’t value and respect him.  We need to share in this glory.

We may not take the credit because we haven’t been told that we matter to someone.  But the bigger reason may be because we are afraid of the power of what we can do. The change we can make.  Don’t be afraid.

What is your lollipop moment?

Find the person that profoundly impacted your life and let them know. When someone says “thank you” or “great job”, accept it and be proud.