What’s the difference?1 min read

There’s a great little book written by Sam Parker and Mac Anderson called 212 Degrees. The story and facts state that 211 degrees of water is very hot; at 212 degrees it boils. With boiling water comes steam and steam can power a locomotive. Just one degree of difference equals a huge difference in the outcome.

The same goes for life, business and in sports. We are right in the heat of the summer Olympics and this separation is never more noticeable than in these events. What’s the difference between standing on the podium and winning the gold to coming in fourth? Sometimes measured in time, it could be anywhere from a second or two to sometimes one-hundredths of a second. The outcome, however, can be anywhere from achieving huge notoriety, endorsement deals and millions of dollars to being someone that no one even remembers. A fraction of separation in time a huge difference in the outcome.

What’s the difference in the preparation to these events? It could just be that 1 degree of extra effort that makes the big difference, whether it be self-administered or coached through.

What’s the difference in being the number 1 sought out company in your industry to being a complete unknown? What’s the difference between customers calling you for your products and services to you calling them?

It’s not always the big things that we do that makes the difference. It’s just giving that 1 extra degree of effort in everything we do day in and day out that makes the big difference in the end.

So, the next time you’re not getting exactly what you want in your life and business. Just ask yourself; “what’s the difference?”