What’s the one thing?3 min read

In my journey through life representing different businesses and industries along the way. There’s a particular question that would surface from time to time. A question that may have been presented to you based on your industry or service, or actually maybe you have asked it of someone else. That question in question is “what’s the one thing?” 

It actually seems like a misguided question to me. When I was in the restaurant management, patrons would ask me, Michael, what’s the one thing you do to run such an effective restaurant?” When as a financial advisor, the question would be, Michael, “If there was one stock I should buy, what would it be?” As a consultant to financial advisors and money managers in 2008, the question was, Michael “what’s the one thing I need to do to best handle this current adversity with the market?” As a Business Coach, I get, Coach “what’s the one thing I should do to attract the right customers?” “What’s the one thing I need to do to get my team to step up?” “What’s the one marketing idea I should implement that would make a big difference?” Always the one thing question. 

I’m here to share that unfortunately there is not one thing. I’m here to tell you that absolutely everything you do matters. Everything you do continuously, compounded over time begins to make a difference in you both personally and professionally. 

It first and most importantly starts with what goes on between your two ears in what you think. In the great book Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, Chapter one’s title is “Thoughts are Things”. 

The words you use in your communication makes a huge difference in your results and/or the results of others. 

What and where you choose to focus your energy and attention makes a huge difference. 

The books you read, the people you associate with, the structure or lack of structure in your business or organization. 

The discipline or lack of discipline in everything you do both mentally and physically. 

There is simply never one thing. It’s everything you do over time that compounds into a better you that makes the difference. And a better you make of a better everyone else around you. Which ultimately in business eventually reaps greater benefits and rewards.  

Over the next several weeks, I will be breaking down all the different areas of what we can do that while all working together eventually compounds to make a big difference. If you’re ready for the challenge to take it on, continue to join me in this journey. I will declare, however, that some of the lessons, some of you may not necessarily agree with, you may actually resist. However, understand that the value will and is only to be had to those who are open and ready to receive it. 

So, sit back over the next few weeks, let your guard down, open up and get ready to grade yourself on of which everything you do matters in the lesson of there is not one thing. 

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