What’s your Miracle Bridge?2 min read

It was 1883, John Roebling one of the top engineers at the time was inspired by an idea – a dream – a vision. His vision was to build a spectacular bridge – a bridge we now know as the Brooklyn Bridge. When news of Johns plan surfaced, all the so called experts said it could not be done.

John being true to his vision inspired his son Washington to assist him in building this spectacular bridge. The two of them developed the concepts and plans of how this bridge would be built. They soon hired a crew and started with the proceedings of building their dream bridge.

Just a few months into the project there was a tragic accident of which took the life of the father John and severely injured his son, Washington. With this event it was now evident that the project would have to be scrapped since John Roebling the visionary of the project was dead and Washington was now lying in a hospital bed.

What the pundits however failed to understand that even though Washington was bed bound and unable to walk or talk, his mind was as sharp as ever, and he still possessed the vision and burning desire to complete the bridge. An idea hit Washington as he lay in his hospital bed that he could develop a code for communication. All he could do however is move one finger, so he used that one finger to tap the code of communication out on his wife’s arm on what to tell the engineers who were building the bridge. For thirteen years, Washington tapped out the instructions with his finger on his wife’s arm until the spectacular Brooklyn Bridge was finally completed.

The moral of this story is never, ever, ever say it can’t be done. Adversity will come in life and business, however there is always a way.


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