You Expect Success2 min read

I would like to share an event I witnessed while taking a walk a few weeks back. I noticed something quite amazing. Looking down I saw blades of grass breaking up through the thick white lined paint on the road. You could actually see the grass breaking up through and pushing the thick white paint aside.

This also jogged my thought of a video I watched of the late Bruce Lee playing ping pong with nunchucks against one and two players and convincingly winning. As I first watched the video I was simply amazed of his quickness and how effortless he made it look, almost super human like.

When you witness these events it gets you asking yourself, what is actually possible?

When you strip all your limiting beliefs away, what can you actually create? Think of all the things we take for granted today that 10, 20, 50, 100 years ago were said to be impossible, it can’t be done.

There is a word we all use quite often and that word is Yes! What does this word actually mean? It means You Expect Success. When you answer with a load confident yes, you just affirmed that whatever was bestowed upon you is good as done.

Could you imagine if the one word that your organization adopted in this context was YES where everyone had the confidence that it can be done? Now, don’t confuse this with being a yes person or saying yes to things that steal your time or don’t serve you. Specifically, apply this to where there could be a speck of doubt or uncertainty in accomplishing a task or project. Answer the call with confidence, step up, show up, gather the right team and get it done.

The more you apply this habit, the more confidence you and your team will build which equates to more growth and results for your organization. Have fun using the word YES in this context and go create your impossible results.

For more about this subject, watch this YouTube video: