You had me at hello2 min read

Near the end of the movie “Jerry Maguire,” Rod Tidwell finally had his breakout moment. His break out game. His breakthrough of clarity. He had finally made it. The celebration was on!

It was also a major breakthrough for Jerry Maguire’s company. As with all of us, when we have a big win, we naturally want to share it with others. Jerry, realizing this ran to the airport and to his home to see his wife Dorothy. He walked into the living room full of women and stated: “I’m here to see my wife.” Jerry then went into a speech about how they had such a big night and he wanted to share it with her. As he started to talk more, she simply stopped him and said, “You had me at hello.”

How does this relate to business? How it relates is when you are truly doing a fantastic job with your business or organization. When you treat your staff well. When you market well. When you consistently deliver your products and services to your customers with excellence. People, the consumer, your customer will begin to size you up. They will do their homework on you and your company. They will read your Google reviews, your testimonials. They will have already made their conscious decision of who you and your organization are.

When they finally meet you or your team, they will feel the energy of your authenticity. They will have essentially already sized you up and made the decision to do business with you in advance. When you finally go to give your speech of why they should do business with you. They will simply stop you and say “You had me at hello.”

Show me the money.


There’s a great scene in the film “Jerry Maguire”