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I just celebrated my one year anniversary working with Michael Dill. For 2015 my business revenues were up 43% and was actually the best year that I ever had in my business in over 6 years of operation.My biggest win has to be being awarded “The Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award” at the Action Coach Business Excellence Awards Forum in Orlando of this year. Michael and I have formed a great partnership while taking my business to the next level. Michael is a great coach and I recommend him fully to other driven and motivated entreprene

Matt JorgensenPresident - Foundation Floors

I have been working with Michael Dill of Action Coach for the past five months.My business has grown substantially with his coaching. Quarter over quarter my revenues have rose 49.69%! I have accomplished more for my business in these past 5 months than in the prior 10 years. Here are just a few examples of what I have accomplished thus far: I have pinpointed what makes my business unique, I have raised my prices, developed scripts, started speaking at real estate offices, developed a database of contacts, moved my office and have implemented new marketing campaigns. With Michael’s coaching, I have developed a clear vision for the future of my business. Business coaching has also helped me grow personally. I am thinking differently, I learned to value my self-worth, and have gained more confidence. I would highly recommend hiring Coach Michael for your business.

Daniel LindemanEmpire Appraisal Group, Inc

I’m Joe Miller, founder of JP Miller and Sons Pest Control Services. I started the business 45 years ago. We are a true family business which has many advantages as well as some disadvantages. Sometimes family can get angry with each other much more differently than with non-family members. Coach Michael is helping us with this by guiding both in our personal and professional growth. He’s holding us accountable, helping us set goals, getting us all thinking positive, and has us all on the same page moving in the right direction.
Having a third-party coach, especially in our business is extremely valuable. Coach Michael does a great job. He’s really been helping us get our business to the next level. I have more confidence in myself, my son’s and the team now than I have in all the years of running the company. I always look forward to working with him and I think you should too.

Joe Miller President & Founder JP Miller and Sons Pest Control Services

I’ve been working with Coach Michael Dill for a little over a year now. I have since experienced tremendous growth both personally & professionally in addition to taking more control of my business. Coach Michael has provided me the tools to apply in all different areas of my business and life. Because of this I have achieved several milestones. I have implemented more structure, tracking and systematization in my business. I have exceeded my 2018 revenue goal, achieved Executive Club at my company’s National Conference, have become much more Intentional with my time, increased my leadership skills as well as my confidence. The most rewarding part is I consistently feel like I’m growing! This has become a very rewarding and profitable investment for me and business.

Candy Cohn, CSACertified Senior Advisor® Oasis Senior Advisors South Florida

Michael Dill has visited and coached our entire team on a quarterly basis now for several years. He has guided and pushed us in brain storming exercises that have helped us design and create the company the we truly envisioned. He is committed, knowledgeable, energetic and dedicated, and has consistently directed us all to think and see things differently. I have to say I have witnessed great advances in our company on all levels because of Michael’s involvement. If you are thinking of utilizing Michael’s services, don’t think anymore as i highly give him my thumbs up!

Chris CottoneGreentree Financial Group, Inc.

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