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The Ultimate Deep Dive Mastermind Book Study

Be guided in the 13 Proven Principles of Thinking and Growing Rich

“Guaranteed to pay for itself!”

What is the Course About?

12 Week Course

Tuesday Evenings via Zoom

Beginning March 5th

8:00pm – 9:00pm EST

One participant – $695

5+ Participants – $495/ea.

Money-back Guarantee

Join the Ultimate Mastermind with other Entrepreneurs

Learn from Coach Michael to Discover “The Secret to True Success”

Build your designed future for you, your business, and your family.

Actionable homework to apply the Proven Principles

Access to Coach for questions and follow up


Coach Michael, The energy and commitment you brought to the Think and Grow Rich program I participated in was incredible. Each of us who took the course seriously is better for having you facilitate it. Outside of the excellent content and instruction, I found your emphasis on mastering the principles of the book to be most valuable. I would recommend this program and you as the instructor to anyone who is looking to significantly elevate themselves and their business

Victor Lue-Yat

Founder and CEO at DocuGreen

I joined Michael’s “Think and Grow Rich” book club earlier this year and WOW, so powerful. As a fellow ActionCOACH, Michael’s approach to helping me understanding and implement the tools and strategies of this book made a huge difference in my life and my business. I recommend Michael to any business owner who wants to move their business to the next level. I recommend his book club to anyone who wants to achieve more in their life.

Kelly Peitz

ActionCOACH Mid-Atlantic

“Coach Michaels, Think and Grow Rich program was absolutely wonderful. I could never have expected this much value, including what an amazing impact it has had both on me, my attitude, thinking, and results. Additionally, I have been able to share so much of this knowledge with my clients to help keep them focused and believing. Five years of your “persistent” coaching on this program has really paid off. I would recommend it to anyone, especially other coaches. Thank you, Michael’

Marcie Hanhart

Business Coach, Basking Ridge, NJ

I participated in Coach Michael’s Think & Grow Rich Deep Dive. The timing first of all was perfect for me in focusing my efforts through the COVID-19 crisis. This course for me was a very powerful reminder to go back to the core principles that I have been working with and coaching others on for 30 years. It was time to work on me. Being in a profession where my main focus is helping others, this reminded me that I need to help myself first. It brought back the intense focus on congruency that I need to live what I teach and have only the right people in my circle. As a result, this thinking has put me in front of two of my dream business opportunity situations.

Steve Garber

Third LEvel ManReview on Book 1

Your Coach to guide you to...

...the Secret?

We’ve all been there. Read a book, attended a conference, filled notebooks with notes and good ideas…only to ultimately do nothing with that information.  When I Read Think and Grow Rich, I missed it. The Secret. It wasn’t until I found a coach to guide me through the gold found in those pages that I came away truly understanding “the secret”! Don’t wait as long as I did!


A mastermind is where two or more people who are in harmony in the same conversation, directed towards the same outcome of which they will then enter the universe of infinite intelligence where all the knowledge and ah ha’s are stored and delivered. Mastermind is actually one of the principles studied in this Think & Grow Rich Deep Dive. 

You can if you want however, the course is delivered in a very structured way to get the most out of each and every chapter as well as a whole. In addition, a larger percentage of those that read it alone, do not do the specified work outlined in the book.

Absolutely. To have your entire team on the same wavelength of learning the Think & Grow Rich Principles in this setting is extremely valuable. 

There are numerous editions of Think & Grow Rich both old and new. The proper edition ISBN number will be emailed 1 month prior to the start of the course. 

All sessions are taped and sent the following morning with any other additional material or assignments. The taped sessions will be available to all participants for one full year. 

Many participants have done this with their children and/or spouses. It creates tremendous leverage and understanding for those who do it together. In addition, it’s a great head start for any young person to understand the principles of success early in life. 

The guarantee is if you do the entire course and feel it has not more than paid for itself, I will return your investment.