Cashing checks!1 min read

In business, I am sure that we all have had those days that everything just seems to be clicking. You opened that new dream client, you signed that huge account you’ve been working on, and your team was absolutely pumping on all cylinders. It seemed that you couldn’t do anything wrong. You were in the Zone!

On the other hand, we’ve all had those days that Murphy’s Law seemed to be lurking around every corner. You felt like you were totally off kilter. It seemed like the day would never end. What was the difference? The difference was that you were just not having Fun!

Serving as a Financial Advisor for 18 years, I found myself having a fairly difficult time during the period of 2000 – 2002. With the Dot-Com bust, the market crashing, investor emotions at a fever pitch along with tossing 9/11 in the mix, I simply wasn’t enjoying what I was doing. I was letting everything I couldn’t control, control me. However, as I got back on track I realized I simply wasn’t having Fun and when you’re not having Fun – nothing works.

When I finally captured the clarity to alter my attitude and focus, I started having fun again and when I started having fun my results followed. Simply put, when you’re having Fun in business you’re in the Zone, and when you’re in the Zone, you’re Cashing Checks.

Yes, wealth creation is a by-product of getting your customers what they want. When you focus on delivering to them, you’ll most likely have fun doing it. And when you are having fun and in the zone, you’ll be cashing checks.