Team Building & Alignment

Alignment Training / Team Building Day is a customized day designed to align, enroll and empower each individual as well as the entire organization. We develop and align with the Vision, Mission and Culture of the organization. We work as a team to improve your effectiveness, communication, behaviors, and ability to influence others to increase productivity and results.

It includes a full day of learning, training, team building exercises, planning, goal setting to gain clarity and synergy on the future of your organization with all the key members of your team.
This will be an interactive live session, with Q&A, open discussions and peer-to-peer learning. Every individual will be challenged to find their best self to perform at a higher level of excellence.

Coach Michael Dill hereby agrees to deliver the following:

  • Individual personal SWOTs; Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats for clarity.
  • Individual DISC Assessments reviewed with all participants for complete understanding.
  • Understanding of how miscommunication effects time, energy, productivity, and margins.
  • Understanding and identifying own and fellow team members behavioral profiles for better communication, alignment, productivity, execution, and results.
  • Increased Understanding of Communication Skills.
  • Understanding the Mastering of 5 easy steps to increase the bottom line by 61%.
  • Addressing any specific day-to-day related challenges (this will be interactive, with Q&A, open discussions and peer-to-peer learning)
  • A signed copy of Knock it Out of The Park Leadership book for each participant.


Team Alignment

Personal Accountability & Ownership

Increased Initiative & Outlook

Company Culture

Company Communication

Employee Retention

Team Synegy

Action Steps

Company Results

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