Are you Playing your own Game Seven?1 min read

Game Seven is the final game of a best of seven series. This game can occur in the postseasons for the Major League Baseball World Series, the National Hockey League Stanley Cup, and the National Basketball Association.

The game is generally played at the site of the team holding the home advantage across the series.

The nature of a best-of-seven series requires that the series be tied at 3 games apiece going into Game Seven, such that either team can take the series by winning the game. Because of this decisive nature, game sevens add an element of drama to their sports.

Last night some of us witnessed a Game Seven in Basketball where the Cleveland Cavaliers won the NBA Finals in defeating the Golden State Warriors. The Cavaliers won the Finals by coming back from a 3 – 1 deficit to be the first in the NBA to do so.

What’s so different about Game Seven? What’s different is when it’s over, it’s over! The entire season, everything you worked for, finishes at that final buzzer. The winner experiences complete jubilation and the loser the finality of the end.

Game Seven is all about dressing up, showing up, and never giving up until you win your prize. Game Seven is all about reaching deep and going to the point of tapping into your true potential. Sometimes Game Seven simply comes down to “who wants it more.”

My question is, what would happen if we showed up each and every day in business and in life as is we were playing our own Game Seven?