It’s all about the TEAM!2 min read


Many years back, like many of us I was in the restaurant business. My last go round was in management. As a manager and always attracted to a challenge, I chose to manage a newly opened store in a newly opened mall. Simply put, it was chaos at its finest.

Fortunately, this experience taught me some very valuable lessons in running a successful business. What I actually learned is that it’s all about the team.

All I really had to do was find a way to make every person on my shift feel good about them self to be and give their best.

We’ve all been to restaurants where we have had bad, okay or great service and we all know the difference it makes not only in our experience, however in the server’s tip.

Now that I specifically coach organizations on how to implement this process I simply refer to it as “the cycle of a business.”

In the cycle of a business, the owner’s job is to simply take care of the team. Make sure they understand the rules of the game, are paid on time, are well trained and motivated. Ensure that they are enrolled in the vision, mission, and culture of the organization. When the team is happy and productive this will reflect in their attitude which will transfer this energy on the customer who will come back more often, spend more money and tell their friends. This in turn, will take care of the business as the businesses job is to care of the owner. Think about it, that’s why you started your own business in the first place. When this cycle is running efficiently it will present the company the ability to create uniqueness, outperform the competition all while increasing revenues and profits.