Jack of all Trades2 min read

We all hear the phase “Jack of all trades, Master of none.” In the ABC’s of building a better business we are now on the letter J.

In my profession I have met many business owner’s, and have found that many of us have certain personality traits. What I also have found is that we all have one particular thing that we grudge about.

I can’t tell you how many times I meet a business owner that complains that they have to wear all the hats. That none of their staff can do what he or she does the way he or she does it. They unfortunately possess the mindset that if something needs to be done right then it must be me that does it. Why is this? Why do some of us have such a hard time trusting others to do what we feel only we can do? Is it that we don’t trust others or is it we just don’t want to relinquish control?

Understand that how we think and the words you use usually sets a presentiment. Those who work for you, are you calling them your team, your colleagues, your partners or your employees or staff? How you look at them and what you expect of them is what you will get from them.

I believe that building a team is all about Empowerment.  If we never stop to empower, trust and teach our team to do what needs to be done then we will always be doing it ourselves.

The proper cycle of a business is this – The Business owner’s job is to take care of the team, to train them, motivate them, to make sure they’re paid on time, to enroll them in the vision of the organization. When your team is well trained, motivated, feels good about themselves and sees the big picture they will then take the proper care of the customer. The customer will then experience that warm, friendly enthusiasm of doing business with your company through your team and in turn will take care of your business by coming back more often, spending more money in addition to telling their friends. This way your business will then take care of you, the owner. That is why we all started our own business in the first place isn’t it, to provide us with the life style that we dreamed of.

So, the next time that you are compelled to play the Jack of all Trades and do it yourself. Remember the proper business cycle, get clear on your vision, enroll and empower your team and build the organization that everyone one of your team will be proud of representing and every customer will be coming back again and again.

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