Just Get Started1 min read

Which comes first; action or motivation? Most of us think that you have to get or be motivated to take the necessary action to produce the results you are looking for. We may read a book, watch a movie, listen to a podcast, view a video or even go to a one day or all weekend speaking event. All to be inspired to capture the motivation to take action.

However, if you just get started and take any type of action, you will produce some type of result and that result will give you the motivation to take more action.

Think about it, where in your past have you just taken some sort of action without really thinking about it that produced some momentum that produced the motivation to continue on towards your desired outcome or goal? We have all been there. What happened? What happened was, we just got started. We did like Nike and we just did it.

We all have what we need inside of us to get inspired to move. We all have a history and memory bank of past successes. As they say, “Success leaves clues.” What clues have your past successes left that you can replicate to return to your glory of action? Study those successes, understand that was you that created that action of success. Celebrate, get into action, and just do it again.

I’ll bet that if you follow this recipe you will find that the motivation that you were looking for was always at the tip of your fingers.

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