Slow down to speed up!1 min read

This past Friday, we completed our Q1 2017 planning for all our clients. It was an entire day for business owners to be out of the business working on their business. It was a day full of education, “Ah ha” moments, and planning. It was a day to share wins, challenges, and to learn from each other. It was a day to slow down to speed up.

In business and life, we are always running as the pace of the world has really sped up. Technology was introduced to make things easier, however, it seems to only distract us more. When you are in your business with no one slowing you down, asking you the right questions, holding you accountable to do what you say you’ll do, teaching you the techniques and solutions to better yourself, your team and your company, you will just be running, running, running.

The value of taking the time to properly slow down to get clear on what’s most important, then creating a plan to implement, coupled with the proper accountability and follow through is an investment that will pay you over and over again.

This year is almost over; 2017 is three weeks away. Take the time to properly slow down to look back at 2016 so you can speed up and create your best year in 2017.

If you are interested, I have a great tool to help you along. My gift to you.

Signing off till 2017,

Coach Michael