Who is your Mastermind?2 min read

There are many ingredients to success. However, there is one ingredient that truly matters to your success. In addition to persistence, it would have to be your mastermind group.

A date we all remember is July 4, 1776. A Day that 56 men signed their names on the document that created our FREE nation.

The POWER of this great nation actually began with an incident in Boston on March 5, 1770. British soldiers were patrolling the streets, openly threatening the citizens. The colonists resented armed men marching in their midst. They began to express their resentment by hurling stones as well as epithets, at the marching soldiers, until the commanding officer gave orders, “Fix bayonets. . . Charge!”

The battle was on. It resulted in the death and injury of many. The incident aroused resentment of which two men, John Hancock, and Samuel Adams spoke up courageously, and declared that a move must be made to eject all British soldiers from Boston.

The request was granted, the troops were removed from Boston, and the course of this free nation began.

Richard Henry Lee (of the Province of Virginia) soon joined John Hancock and Samuel Adams to conceived an idea to unite the thirteen Colonies in a coordinated effort to create a free nation. Two years after the clash with the soldiers in Boston, a Correspondence Committee was established among these Colonies.

This eventually lead to the creation of the First Continental Congress. This Mastermind group of 56 men in what later lead to the signing of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776.

Remember this occurrence as if there had been no DECISION to create this Mastermind group called the Continental Congress, there could have been no signing of the Declaration of Independence.

My question to you is. Who is in your mastermind group? Who is in your group that is guiding you to your ultimate desired outcome? Who is in your environment of where you can be in harmony in the conversations of where you can tap into infinite intelligence of where all the “ah ha” answers are?

Become intentional in surrounding yourself with the right people that will engage you to stretch outside your comfort zone, to grow both personally and professionally. Create the right Mastermind group that serves you and your organization. Create this Mastermind group, tap into it and you will create more than you would ever be able to create alone.