Are you in a position to WIN?2 min read

Our true mission in business and life is to truly understand that Time is our Most Valuable Asset. We can always go out and make more money, however, we can never go out and make more time.

Our first task in this mission is to analyze the hourly rate for our skills, talents, knowledge, and experience that someone is willing to pay us for. To get clear on how much our time is really worth monetarily, what gives us our largest R.O.I. of our time. Once we become more conscious and intentional on the R.O.I. of our time, we just simply won’t waste it. 

We visit the four zones of event planning, of which we learned that we want to be in the inner zones, the productivity zone. Where our organization actually slows down and gets clear on what’s most important. We learn how to be truly intentional with our time, how to block out the outer rim time stealers and be in the Zone.

We adhere the four D’s process to our priorities list, in the proper order of Do it, Defer it, Delete it or Delegate it. 

To wrap it all up, we finish with W.I.N. formula. What’s Important Now? Without the W.I.N. formula, you will not be in a position to win. 

The W.I.N. formula is all about getting clear on what’s most important now. If what’s on your list or what you are doing is not moving the needle forward in your organization, don’t do it! If it’s not creating a better, stronger, more systematized organization, if it’s not making your team better, increasing revenues and profits or creating raving fan customers of your business, it just doesn’t matter.

Take a look at your list of priorities – Arrange them in order of importance – Circle top two – Get #1 done, Master it then moves on to the next! All while asking yourself, What’s Important Now.

When you get clear on how much your time is worth, work on staying in your productivity zones, create your priority list, practice the four D’s, and ask yourself, What’s Important Now, you’ll start spending your time much differently. You’ll be much more intentional as you now truly understand that “Time is your most valuable asset.”