Be a Dreamer!3 min read

Last week, I talked about how entrepreneurs are liars, and how they stand on their podium and tell the world what they’re going to do when honestly, they don’t necessarily know how they’re going to do it. However, they’re very clear on where they’re going and they know they’ll find the right people to help them figure it out. They’re dreamers, and the definition of a dream is that you have no idea how it’s going to happen. Essentially, you know what you want, you know where you’re going, but you have no idea how you’re going to make that happen. That’s the definition of a dream. 

So, how do we make a dream a reality? The first thing you want to do when you have a dream is to write it down, put a timeline on it, and you now have a goal. Then what do you do? You start writing a plan. You create the timeline of the due date of when you’re going to make it happen, and you then start working backward. You start doing your homework, your research, your analysis, you start asking questions as you mastermind with the right people. Most importantly, you keep the faith, the desire, the persistence, and the vision in your mind and thoughts, each and every day. You begin to see it as if it’s real before it happens.  

Michelangelo was a great painter, but before he picked up a brush, he had a blank canvas. He saw exactly the end result of that painting on the canvas before he picked up the brush. If we were to look at that canvas, we would see nothing, but he saw the finished painting. That’s what entrepreneurs do. That’s what dreamers do, and that’s what we should be doing.  

Intentionality, clarity, and strength. Entrepreneurs possess these attributes. People say they have ADHD. No, they’re just focused on where they’re going. They have an idea in their mind, their imagination is running wild, and they’re attempting to figure out ways of making it happen. And slowly they get the right people around them as they get more and more clear, they then write it down, create a plan and make it happen.  

In the old days, our teachers used to say, “Oh, you’re a dreamer.” In a negative tone. Really? Look at dreamers in a positive tone. They’re thinking of ideas that we never thought of, they see the possibilities of what we don’t think can happen. Once that dreamer makes it a goal, gets the right people around them, starts writing it down, and creates an organized plan with a due date, that’s when the dreams turn into reality. 

In reality, in life, and in business, our job is creating dreams, turning them into goals, and making them a reality because that’s why we’re here. God has supplied us with an unlimited supply of everything we need on this earth. All we need to do is to go for it. So, if you are a dreamer, God bless you, write it down, get a plan, and go for it. Keep that persistence, desire, and faith. Surround yourself with the right people and turn that dream into a reality.  

COACH MICHAEL DILL is an Award-Winning Certified Business Coach, global speaker, and published author. He is a proud Action Coach Franchise partner as well as the President of Power & Ice Wealth Creation a strategic leadership company that works with business owners, leaders, teams, and entrepreneurs to both develop a systematized and structured organization while accelerating their mindset, efficiencies, and effectiveness to grow both personally and professionally to achieve extraordinary results. He brings more than 40 years of business and entrepreneurial experience in his leadership, team training, and mentoring practice. Businesscoachmichaeldill.com