Be a Rhinoceros2 min read

Somewhere, deep in the jungle where few dare venture, there lives a wild animal called success. It is rare and sought after, but only a few ever risk tracking it down. The hunt is long, hard and risky. There are many hardships along the way that will tear at your heart and soul. Success as we know it is not easy. It is truly a hard animal to capture, requiring lots of hard work, quick thinking, desire, and persistence.

At times the hunt can make you feel weak and dizzy from exhaustion. Success seems at times, an imaginary creature. But you continue on because you are too deep in the jungle now to head back without your prize.
Success can be a clever animal, rarely exposing itself, always quick to flee should it sense the danger of being caught. Success is so uncommon, so unique and so challenging, that you must have it. No other animal in the jungle requires so much skill to hunt and capture.

How do we capture this success? The secret of hunting down success is in becoming a Rhinoceros. A Rhinoceros is a 7,000 pound, two-inch thick skinned bundle of energy. A Rhinoceros is one of the most powerful animals in the jungle. A Rhinoceros possesses very sharp eyes that miss absolutely nothing, a radar type hearing that detects the slightest noise. A Rhinoceros has a sense and smell that can pick up an opportunity from miles away. When a Rhinoceros has a goal or opportunity in its sight, it focuses on that goal with a singleness of purpose. When a Rhinoceros decides to charge down that goal, it charges it down massively and when a Rhinoceros charges massively absolutely nothing or no one will get in its way.

Being a Rhinoceros in business and life is all about success. A Rhinoceros jumps out of bed every morning ready to charge at any opportunities no matter what’s in its way. Being a Rhinoceros is all about getting what you want. If you need a little more Rhinoceros in your business, give your coach a call and have a fellow Rhinoceros show you the way.