Beware the Gap!

I was speaking to a client who just returned from the wedding of an old college friend that he studied the bar with. It’s been several years since he spent some time with him and on our first coaching call, he shared about his trip. However, he mentioned, “You know Coach, my friends seem a little different

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Mind Your Own Business

I remember as a child, whether I was butting into my brother’s or sister’s business or other kids’ business at school, either my parent or my teacher would say, “Mind your own business.” We were all kids once, and I’m sure everyone reading this can relate to that phrase at some point in time. However,

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What’s Your Why?

Many years ago, I read a great book by Simon Sinek, titled Start With Why. Also, there is a great TEDx talk, you can Google it. Take the seven-minute version, you get really clear on what it’s all about.  As a business coach for 11 plus years, people would always say, “Just write down what

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