Are you and your team truly committed to the success of your organization?2 min read

Commitment is the foundation of any successful business. Very few things are ever going to happen if you and your team aren’t committed to the same high standards and goals of the organization. So, what does it actually mean to be committed?

The Vision

Does your company have a vision statement? The vision statement describes the long-term goal of your business. Your vision is the way you want your company to be… and not just the way it appears to customers, but the way it appears to you as you live and work there. The vision should also not be reserved for just the owner, it should be embraced and understood by the entire organization.

Vision statements should not be just some catchy slogan. They are meant to identify the ultimate big picture that your company is dedicated to achieve. Commitment to the vision means being willing to make the tough choices, but when you remain committed, you’ll be happy with the outcome.

The Mission

The mission statement details how you will achieve the vision. This includes a description of who you are, what your business is, who your customers are, and your unique features that differentiate you from your competition.

Some businesses seek to sell as many of their products as possible, while others focus on goals like improving customer service, supporting the community, or otherwise improving their operations.

When you and your team are committed to the mission, you aren’t simply working towards a goal, but you are making improvements to various areas to achieve the company’s vision. You are actively looking for ways to succeed – and when necessary, you’re coming up with new ones. You’re also willing to admit it when you’re wrong, because you’ve decided that succeeding in your mission is more important than appearing right at any cost.

The Culture

Most businesses overlook the important step of writing their company’s culture statement. They may already have one, even if they don’t know it. Your culture includes the way in which you and your employees conduct themselves. This includes the values of you and your employees and how they are applied to operating your business.

In every organization, commitment is the backbone of its success. A commitment to the vision, mission and culture of your company provides the ethical foundation for everything else you do and a spring of determination to draw from when things get tough. Having a successful operation begins when all employees conduct themselves with total commitment to all three. It is so crucial to your success that ActionCoach lists commitment as the very first in ActionCoach’s 14 Points of Culture.

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