Do you stand alone?2 min read

A few weeks back I traveled to Las Vegas on business, yes, business as a few of my clients and colleagues chuckled when I said that. However, on returning from Vegas, I arrived at the airport a bit early. I decided to have a bite to eat then stroll through some of the shops in the terminal.

I came across a sports shop called World of Sports which carried jerseys, hats, jackets and other sports accessories. What I found most interesting when I looked up at the wall was that most all the jerseys carried the names of retired players. Names like Marino, Elway, Favre, Ortiz, Clemens, Jeter, Iverson, and many others. As I continued to look at all the different jerseys representing football, basketball, baseball, and others, they were all consistently of retired players.

I approach the man who was working at the store and started a conversation. He was actually the owner and he shared with me how he always ordered the jerseys of the current hot players. Only in frustration to have those players shortly thereafter traded away to another team. Every time this event took place, he simply got stuck with unwanted inventory. The last go-round actually cost him $50,000 in inventory. Ouch! Right then and there he made a decision that this occurrence would never happen again. If you were there, you would actually see the frustration on his face as he expressed this to me.

“I now carry the past greats, the names everyone loves and remembers. I no longer get stuck with unwanted inventory or experience cash flow problems. Better yet, my sales have doubled in the process. I stand out from my competitors as they are still playing the same old game. Let them get hit for $50,000 in unwanted inventory. Not me, no more!”

Brilliant, I thought. Here’s a man who made a conscious decision to go against the mainstream. He now stands alone as someone who has created a uniqueness in his brand. Good for him.

My question to you is. Where do you potentially need to make a shift in your business to stand out amongst your peers? Where do you need to make a conscious decision to go against the tide to create a uniqueness in your brand that stands out? Ask yourself if you are you actually willing in taking that step to be different? What’s the risk if you don’t make a shift? What could it cost you if you stay the same?

Remember the old saying, the definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over and expecting different results. This man chose to make a stand. Chose to shift his approach and model. He now stands alone, generates more revenues and stands out as someone who has created a uniqueness.