Marketing Made Simple!4 min read

Marketing, marketing, marketing. It’s all about marketing your brand, your company, your product, and your service to your ideal clients and customers so you can create revenues for your company. It’s about creating a win/win for both you and your customers. There are all sorts of marketing strategies. There are magazines, radio, podcasts, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, to name a few. All the ways to get in front of your particular customer that you’re looking to attract. There are low-cost strategies and there are high-cost strategies and ways of doing it.

However, I believe in marketing made simple. I’m going to give you three simple traits and disciplines to find your ideal customer. Remember, you want a business that works for you, and when you have clients and customers you love dealing with, you now have a business that works for you.

Number one is to get clear on your ideal customer or client. I mean, be very clear on who you would like to work with. When you are clear on who your ideal customer is, you can deliver your goods and services to achieve superior results for them. Two simple tools I use to get clear on that; Number one, create an ideal client checklist. Everybody has a client they would love to clone. Take all the characteristics of that client, list them down in bullet points, and then add some more and create your ideal client checklist. This way, when you sit down with somebody, you could mentally check off these boxes and understand, that this is a perfect client for me.
The second is to do the contrast clarity checklist. Contrast is what you don’t want in a customer and Clarity is what you do want in a customer. This will get you clear on when they show up as to what column they fit into. When you get clear on your ideal client checklist and the contrast, and clarity of what you don’t want and what you do, you become intentionally clear on who is a perfect client or customer.

Number two, once you figure all that out, simply go where they’re at. That’s it. Marketing is getting in front of your target customers. So, wherever your ideal target customer and client is, go there. Advertise in the magazines that cater to them. Go to the events where they hang out, whether it be a country club, a certain networking group, or an event that’s holding a big group of those certain individuals. It doesn’t matter. Once you get clear on who you want to work with, go where they’re at and spend your time, energy, effort, and money there.

Now, once you go there, you’re going to find your ideal clients. They become a customer or a client. Number three is people hang out with people like them. It’s pretty safe to say if you’re very clear on who a perfect client or customer for you is, you’re going to where they’re at. They become a client or customer of yours. They’re now doing business with you. When they’re happy, simply ask them, “Who else do you know just like you that’s not doing business with me that I would be able to service?” It’s that simple. Keep it simple, keep it intentional. Be intentional about exactly who your ideal customer or client is, go where they’re at, and when they become a client or customer, ask them who else they know.

There are three simple tips to make your marketing simple.

COACH MICHAEL DILL is an Award-Winning Certified Business Coach, global speaker, and published author. He is a proud Action Coach Franchise partner as well as the President of Power & Ice Wealth Creation a strategic leadership company that works with business owners, leaders, teams, and entrepreneurs to both develop a systematized and structured organization while accelerating their mindset, efficiencies, and effectiveness to grow both personally and professionally to achieve extraordinary results. He brings more than 40 years of business and entrepreneurial experience in his leadership, team training, and mentoring practice. Businesscoachmichaeldill.com