The best of the best hire a coach. Shouldn’t you?1 min read

Whether our business is thriving or we’re simply surviving, hiring a coach will only make us better. Most of all the world’s top athletes hire a coach to help sharpen their skills. Tiger Woods is arguably one of the best golfers to ever play the game. Yet he hired Chris Como as his swing coach in 2014. He might have one of the best golf swing among other golfers, however he recognized that there’s always room for improvement.

Our business isn’t any different as we can always be better. It doesn’t mean that we will have to work even harder, however skills will be honed and processes streamlined so that we will work smarter. Who doesn’t to work less and earn more?  Need a reason to hire a coach? I’ll give you 8!

  • A Coach can help you see the forest for the trees.
  • A Coach will make you focus on the game and your long-term strategies.
  • A Coach will make you run more laps while making each round easier and more efficient.
  • A Coach will tell it like it is.
  • A Coach will give you small pointers based on years of experience.
  • A Coach will listen.
  • A Coach will help you develop long-term plans that will allow your business to function more efficiently and make more profit.
  • A Coach will be your marketing manager, your sales director, your training coordinator, your partner, your confidant, your business mentor, your best friend… and, a COACH will help you make your dream come true.

Over the next several weeks we will break down the reasons why we all may need a coach and offer tips to help sharpen your saw to make 2016 your best year yet!