Wait, that’s my idea!2 min read

Has this ever happened to you? One day you thought up a great idea or what you thought would be a great invention. You were sure that people would need or want to purchase this idea. However, life then got in the way and a day became a week, a week became a month, a month became a year, and one day your idea popped up on TV or the internet or in a book store and you exclaimed, “Wait! That was my idea!”

Well it happened to me. Several years back I did a keynote for a group that was titled “The ABC’s of Success.” The keynote went over very well. My follow up plan was to write a book on the subject. I had all my notes so it only made sense. Well, you know the rest of the story.

One day recently my lovely wife Susan brought one particular book home that she thought I would like. And what do you think the name of that book was? You guessed it, “The ABC’s of Success” written by Bob Proctor. Now I can’t think of anyone better to run with my idea, but really!

How and why does this happen? The answer is that the Universe is full of great ideas and inventions just waiting to find a home, just like The ABC’s of Success found a home with me. However, if that idea isn’t nurtured and acted upon, that idea at some point will get up and leave to find a new home, just like mine did.

Ideas must be acted upon immediately when the fire is burning bright. If not the flame will slowly burn out and only find a new home somewhere else. So, the next time an idea lands in your lap, nurture it, act on it and let someone else be surprised!