Want Results? Write it Down!3 min read

We are now starting the first full week of the New Year and Decade! I trust that everyone took some time off around the Holidays to reflect, relax, spend time with family and most importantly brainstorm of how you can make 2020 your Best Year Yet. We discussed specifically in last week’s blog of some areas of which you can focus to create 2020 as your Best Year Yet.

I thought about of how I can add to that with one simple piece of advice in getting off to a good start in this new year. The advice consists of three simple words; “Write it down!” Yes, actually the three words are specifically, “Write it down!”   

I can’t share enough on how much business owners I speak with that after I ask several questions about their business. They usually reply with a yes of certainty on knowing the answers to those questions. However, when I take the process one step further by asking them if they have that written down. Their reply is, no, it’s all in my head.

I will share that if that is your strategy, good luck. Business is not a vehicle to keep all the knowledge, numbers, systems and plans in your head. It simply doesn’t work effectively. 

Why first is it so important to write it down? One good reason is of a study was done years past at the Dominican University in California that concluded by writing your goals down you can increase your chances of accomplishment by 42%. Hmm, sounds like pretty good odds. In addition, by writing down all that’s important about the structure and future plans of your business. You simply create more room in your brain to be open to any additional creative ideas and/or opportunities.

Learning to write is Learning to Think. Thinking is one of the most valuable resources that we can tap into, however, and unfortunately, many simply avoid the process. By doing so, you are leaving so much in the way of expanding your view on the table that it is actually slowing your potential growth. You simply don’t know anything clearly unless you can state it in writing.

The value of writing it down simply gets your thinking brain working. Once written you will begin to analyze and create more specificity in what’s actually written. You’ll begin to mentally slow down and ask yourself questions. You’ll begin to think of certain action steps that you can take. Once you have specific action steps written, you’ll begin to think of certain people that may be able to assist you in those different steps. You can also send what’s written to an accountability partner or your coach to brainstorm even further.

Simply by taking on the action step of writing it down begins a process of creating clarity of what, how, where, when, who, and why. As you venture into this new year and decade on the journey of creating your best year and future. Remember, if what your 2020 Best Year Yet looks like isn’t written down. It’s then simply “all in your head!”