What’s your why?2 min read

I have heard from many mentors over the years that once you find your “why” the how and the what comes easy. Unfortunately, I have found that it’s sometimes difficult to pinpoint our why or purpose. We sometimes micromanage our thought process and come up with some long written out purpose or vision.

Through my years of coaching and especially in my earlier days, I had also experienced a challenge with this myself. However, I have learned that the simpler you make things the easier they are to understand. In addition, when we make it about us we sometimes get stuck opposed to creating a why that’s about serving others.

Finally, over the years I have been able to head this advice and become clear on mine. I simply want to be energized and inspired. I know what you’re thinking, starting off with I, I am making it about me. However, I think once I explain you will all get it!

As a coach, mentor, speaker, trainer the only way I get what I want is to see and experience my client’s growth. When I experience a client of mine get up on stage as Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 2016 I get juiced. When a team excels from the coaching relationship I have established with the leader I get pumped. When I review a client’s revenues and profits and in amazement have to ask them if those numbers are actually correct and when they prove them right, I get goose bumps.

Simply put the more my clients win, the more I win and that makes fulfilling my why very easy.

I would ask you all if you are not clear on your why, get clear, make it simple, make it about serving others and I guarantee you will find your why that can energize and inspire you.