Are you in the winners’ circle?3 min read

In lesson four of everything, you do matters. The lesson is that your ultimate success is directly linked to the people you associate with most. 

Renowned businessman Jim Rohn once said, “You’re the average of the five people you spend most of your time with.” Unfortunately, it’s common for entrepreneurs to underestimate the importance of the company they keep. The bottom line is that the people around you most certainly matter in your eventual success or failure. We are influenced by the knowledge, words, thoughts, actions, and results of our peer group of people that we most surround ourselves with. 

I believe that the first understanding and recommendation should always be is that if you are going at it alone in business or in life, you are going to struggle. However, there are masterminds, group coaching programs, CEO and entrepreneurial type groups. Search out and join a group of colleagues and/or like-minded individuals that you admire, can trust and are successful. Find those individual types that lift you up and force you to be better and grow. 

Last year a colleague and I attended an all-day workshop called “A Day of Greatness” hosted by Jack Canfield. Jack wrote several books like Chicken Soup for the Soul, the Success Principles (of which I recommend you read) and many others. Throughout the day he had us perform several exercises of which one was to take a piece of paper, write a line down the middle and on the right side write down all the people that serve you, lift you up, encourage you and make you better. On the left side write down all the people that don’t serve you, bring you down, essentially people that you rather not associate with. 

As I was going through this exercise, I realized that I hadn’t written any names on the left side, I turned to my partner and shared and he mentioned that it was the same for him. We both realized then and there that we had consciously removed all those that don’t serve us from our environment already. 

If this is an exercise that you have not done, I would recommend you do so. Take a hard look at all the circle of people you associate with. Look at your colleagues to see if they serve you or not. You will find that the more like-minded positive forward-looking successful people you associate with, the people that simply make you better. You will simply become better. 

Remember as well that in any organization when your management team are winners, strivers, go-getters and successful they will attract those type of employees and team to properly and enthusiastically represent your organization. You will simply attract people who want to be lifted up, want to be better and want to be challenged to become their best. 

Your winners’ circle can also be grown based on the books you read. Consider reading some biographies of successful people whether they be living or dead that you truly admire. That alone will lift you up as a mentor doesn’t necessarily need to be a person that you associate with. Someone from the past that you can absorb their knowledge, character, and lessons of which you can apply and become more successful yourself. 

So, here’s your task! Take the time and look into your circle of friends and associates. Take full stock of how they are or are not serving you in your journey. Some may think that this is a harsh exercise, it’s not, it’s a necessary exercise in the future of your personal and professional growth. Why? Because it’s important to understand that if you want to celebrate in the winner’s circle, you have to be in a circle of winners’!