Learn more – Earn more!4 min read

In lesson three of everything you do matters. The simple lesson is the more you want to earn, the more you have to learn. And what’s one of the true ways to learn?  You need to hit the books. 

Many of the most successful people on this planet are avid readers. Oprah Winfrey, Warren Buffett, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Tony Robbins are all readers, and it’s safe to say they are doing pretty well for themselves. I have clients that hadn’t read since college, however, are now reading 15 to 30 books a year. I’ve met some who have taken some serious exams in the past, let’s say the bar as an example that required lots and lots of reading and studying. However, they now feel they have earned the right to not have to read anymore. My question to them is always, “when did you decide to stop learning?” 

We have all heard the dreaded phrase of, I don’t have the time to read. If you read last week’s blog, you’ll understand that these words are not serving you. We can always choose to read, even if it’s just 10 pages a day.  It’s simply a choice to take the action to do it. Reading is a valued component of being successful in the expansion of your knowledge and understanding. It is something that should be part of your daily ritual and habits. 

The question always is, what books should I read? Well, it’s actually really simple as it depends on what type of knowledge and outcomes you want to gain from the reading. If you are looking to become a better leader, simply read some books on leadership. If you are looking to become better in sales, read some books on sales. If you’re looking into gaining more confidence, read some biographies on people that you admire, people who have overcome obstacles and became extraordinary in the process. Put yourself in their shoes, feel their confidence and transfer that confidence to your own journey. You’ll begin to gain the perspective that you can also do the same. Get clear on what you want to learn and go out and find the books that deliver just that. 

Find people who are successful in the areas of what you want to learn and ask them what books they would suggest that you read. Leverage the old saying of, “success leaves clues.” 

There is a popular topic called mastermind that should also be leveraged. Masterminding gives you the path to the infinite intelligence of where the universe of knowledge is stored. Infinite intelligence, however, can only be tapped into if two or more people are in harmony in the same conversation striving for the same outcome. Only then can you get the “where did that come from” or “ah ha’s” as they call them. 

With that understanding, I would strongly encourage you to find another person or colleague that also wants to absorb the same type of knowledge and read the book together. Debrief after each chapter, talk about what you’ve learned, share your different perspectives, brainstorm on what action should be taken based on those learnings. This practice will take your absorption of the reading to a much deeper level. 

There are also, book club groups that you can leverage or you can actually create your own. The more people you have sharing their different perspectives of what they just learned from reading the book, the more you are going to get out of it. 

If you are not a reader, get some audibles and listen to them in the car on your drives. Turn your driving into a university of learning. Take that downtime to increase your skills and knowledge. Remember, if you’re actually serious about creating wealth and earning more, you simply have to learn more. 

In final, looks like it’s time to hit the books, baby!