Are you systemized with checklists?1 min read

For businesses or organizations to consistently run successfully, they must have systems. Systems are the best way for Saving Yourself Stress Time Energy & Money. The simplest and most common system would be a checklist.

Airline safety is a high priority today however, that wasn’t always true. In the 1930’s there were many airplane crashes caused by pilot errors. In 1935 a Major Pete Hill, a very experienced test pilot in the U.S. Army, crashed one of the biggest planes ever built because he simply forgot to unlock the tail elevators before taking off.

As a result, pilots got together after this incident and created what we now know today as a pre-flight checklist. Pilots now live by this checklist as it’s the most predictive systematic measure of safe flying today.

My question is, where can you be using a simple checklist to make sure your process is more systemized? Checklists can be used for anything and everything in a business. You can use a checklist to make sure you cover every intended item in your morning meeting. A checklist can be used for drivers and trades people to make sure nothing is forgotten before they leave on their morning routes or appointments. Checklists can be used in many different industries, organizations, and corporations by managers, service or sales people to simply make sure that nothing is left out or left behind.

If you don’t have checklists in your organization you are costing yourself stress time energy & money.  Create your checklists today and systemize your business, process, or organization.

For more on this topic, watch this video here: https://youtu.be/qFfmsaQCrH8