The Sure Bet2 min read

Many people love to go to Vegas. They love playing craps and black jack tables. Many people bet on ball games, horse races, dog races and professional fights. Some people will actually bet on anything just for a chance to win. Walk through a casino and the slot machines are full of people laying down their weekly earnings all at a chance to hear the bell ring and collect their coins. Casino’s make tons of earnings every year based on this Phenomenon.

My question is. What is the sure bet? Where are the odds stacked in your favor? Think about that for a moment. I believe the sure bet is betting on yourself. Having the confidence and belief that you can get it done, whatever that may be.

Take a look back at Muhammad Ali who first proclaimed himself the greatest, then went out and became the greatest. He bet on himself. Look at Connor McGregor who at only 29 years old is worth 35 million is in line at another 100 million by taking on Floyd Mayweather on August 26th in Las Vegas. Both Floyd and Connor bet on themselves.

Bill Belichick, Tom Brady and the New England Patriots surely bet on themselves when they were down 28 – 3 in in the third quarter only to roar back and score 31 unanswered points to win Super Bowl 51 and their 5th title.

Having the conviction to bet on yourself is a showing of extreme confidence. Have the confidence to lay down a bet on your team to do their best, to take ownership and produce a winning organization. Stack the odds in your favor, do the work up front, have the confidence and bet on yourself. It’s the only sure bet around.

To learn more, watch this video: https://youtu.be/_2PLkoFC-_Y