Formula for Success – What Camp are you in?3 min read

I’m going to give you a little something to think about today. BE x DO = HAVE is what we call the formula for success. This formula has to be mastered and applied a certain way. We are also going to take a look at what camp you’re in, because to be successful, you have to be in both camps.

Let me explain. In this formula HAVE represents what you want. Now, I don’t necessarily know what you personally want. It might be a happy marriage, it might be an empowered team, it might be a successful business or any other thing you desire. If HAVE is what you want. The DO is the action you take. What type of action do you need to apply to get what you want? The BE is who you need to be to actually take that action to get what you want.

Understand, that there are two camps in this area. The first camp is the DO camp. There’s lots of people that do lots of things. If they wanted an empowered team, they ask, “What do I have to do to get the right people to work for my organization? What do I have to do to get this? What do I have to do to get that?” All they think about is the task, the things they need to do. They may think this BE stuff is all ra-ra, touchy-feely that they really don’t need. All they need to do is get to work. In this equation, we will give them a 10 for the DO, but for the BE, they get a 1. What do you get? You get BE (1) x DO (10) = HAVE (10).

The next camp is the BE camp. I’ve personally been to Tony Robbins seminars. I’ve done the fire walks. However, I’ve taken a lot of that absorbed information and applied it through my life and business to get better ongoing results. Many people go to seminar after seminar after seminar, read book after book after book. They have the dream boards, the vision boards. They do their affirmations, incantations, and meditation. They are all about the BE however, they never consistently apply it to take the action to achieve long lasting measurable results. In this equation, they get a 10 in the BE camp. They get a 1 in the Do camp. The end result is still a 10. BE (10) x DO (1) = HAVE (10).

So what do we do? We split it up. It’s not either/or, it’s and. We work on our BE; we recite our affirmations. We work on being the best we could possibly be; the best leader, the best communicator, the best person, the best spouse. Then we apply everything we learned through our life, all the books we read, the conferences we attend, the people we associate with. We master the systems, the strategies and solutions. We consistently apply all our learnings both personally and professionally to grow. 

What happens is we’re now mastering both areas of the BE and the DO. In the end, we simply get more of what we want. The result changes because the formula changes. Instead of a 10 in either/or, we break the 10 into a 5 in each of the BE and DO which multiplies out to a 25 opposed to a 10. BE (5) x DO (5) = HAVE (25).

Understand to be successful in this formula it’s not either/or. It’s not what camp you’re in. If you’re one of those DO people, encourage yourself to step into the other side also. Work on becoming more of who you need to be, because your business will only go as far as you’re willing to go and grow yourself. If you’re one of those that’s running around being all you can be, make sure you apply it. Play both camps. Apply the BE, apply the DO, and you should get more of what you want in life and business.