The Formula for Change + 1!3 min read

I would like to share what we call, ‘the formula for change’. Originally the formula for change was D x V + F has to be greater than R. I added a little twist of which I’ll share it with you later. First of all, what does this all mean? The D stands for Dissatisfaction. We’re essentially not happy with a situation we’re in. It could be our business, our team, our marriage, it could be anything. Now, once we’re dissatisfied, the next step is we have to get clear on our Vision, the V. The Vision is exactly what it looks like in a perfect world, a perfect marriage, a perfect thriving business, an empowered team representing your brand with pride. Finally, once you get clear on your Vision, the F represents the First steps, which is the action you take to overcome the R, which is the Resistance.

I’d like to ask everyone to go back in their memory bank to a time when there was something that you wanted real bad and you were so clear that in your mind it was good as done. It could be your current spouse. It could have been a specific car. It could have been a home, or a vacation place. You were so determined that essentially, it was a done deal. Your thoughts were, “I’m going to have it.” What happened in that case was your Vision was crystal clear with what you wanted, what it did was to provide you the ability to take the First steps, the action to overcome the Resistance. It’s like the Resistance wasn’t even there because your Vision was so strong.

In this current environment, there’s obviously a lot going on, a lot of noise, a lot of Resistance. What’s actually taking place is that the Resistance is circling back around and causing a lot of Dissatisfaction. We’re not happy with the current environment. So especially now more than ever, we have to get clear on our Vision. We have to be crystal clear on what it looks like in a perfect world. Once we get clear on our Vision, we need to have Faith. We have to have Faith that we’re actually going to execute on our Vision.

Think about this. Steve Jobs had a lot of Resistance in his day. He actually got fired from his position. However, he was clear on his Vision of what he wanted to create with Apple Computer for the world, that clear Vision overcame the Resistance. The country I live in, in the 1700s, our founding fathers were clear on their Vision, and they had to persevere through a whole lot of Resistance. It was that Vision that gave our country the ability to fight for their freedom.

In this scenario as well as all cases, we need to get really clear on our Vision. Especially with all this Resistance and Dissatisfaction going on, take the action (the First steps), have Faith in yourself and overcome the Resistance that’s facing us to create your own success, the business and life of your dreams, and whatever else you may desire in this world.