Have you Mastered Delivery?2 min read

Delivery Mastery is about getting your products and services into your customers’ hands when they want it the way they want it. Delivery Mastery is all about delivering what you said you would deliver when you said you would deliver it the way you said you would deliver it, anything less is unacceptable. Simply put, Delivery Mastery is essentially about making sure you consistently deliver on your promise!

There are four important areas of Delivery Mastery –

Supply Mastery

Be certain that you have the proper systems to measure the amount of stock in inventory to ensure consistent delivery of your product and services. There’s nothing more frustrating to a customer than not being able to get what they want when they want it. Have you ever gone to a restaurant and ordered the special of the day only to have them tell you that they ran out – Really? What impression did that leave you with of that restaurant? Would you go back again? Maybe not!

Quality Mastery

You must deliver on the quality of your product or service with systematic consistency. McDonald’s may not have the best food in the world however you know exactly what you’re going to get every time, no matter where you are in the world. Your customer has to be confident that they can count on your consistency every time.

Easy to Buy Mastery

Be sure you are able to take all sorts of payments like of course cash, checks, credit and debit cards. Not being able to honor any of these sources of payments just may be a reason for someone not to use your services. Be sure that your website is easy to migrate or your potential buyer may give up and go elsewhere. Simply, make it easy for your customers to get what they want, when they want it, the way they want it!

Service Mastery

Don’t look at customer service as a transaction – look at customer service as an interaction! Service Mastery is just the feeling your customers get from you and/or your team’s interaction and service! Remember that customer service is not a department – customer service is an attitude.

When we think about Delivery Mastery we think about Federal Express – You know exactly what you are going to get when you are going to get it “Guaranteed!”

Be clear that Delivery Mastery is the Life Blood of your Business. Make it a priority to consistently deliver your absolute best to your customers. Give them what they want when they want it the way they want it. Consistently delivery on your promise, excel over your competition and you’ll be sure to create raving fans of your customers by excelling in Delivery Mastery!