Time to Stimulate your Economy2 min read

Hurricane Irma blew into South Florida last week, slowly moved up the coast and pretty
much left no one in Florida not being affected in some way. The Florida Keyes hasn’t
seen this type of devastation in quite some time. We are all well aware that it’s going to
take quite a recovery effort to get things back to where they were before.
When adversity like this presents itself it usually brings out both the best and worst in
people. I’m sure we have all seen and experienced both examples of this over the past
couple of weeks. However, now that the worst is behind us, it’s time to pick up the
We are now reading articles on how our economy is going to take a hit from the
hurricane. Now, if we sit back, read, believe these articles and do nothing. I guarantee
that the recovery will take a lot longer than you wish. However, if we all decide to step
up and do our part, it won’t take long at all.
We as business owners, entrepreneurs, community members, leaders, fathers,
mothers, and spouses need to step up and stimulate this economy from within. We
need to be our best versions of ourselves and be the shining light to impact others. We
as business owners and leaders need to be at our highest level of excellence when
dealing with our team, our customers, and communities.
Think back to Hurricane Andrew which brought down a rampage of havoc and
destruction on Miami. However, if you look back you will recall that Northern Dade and
Southwestern Broward County absolutely exploded in growth afterward.
The IRS has extended the filing dates to Florida’s Hurricane victims. The Florida Small
Business Emergency Bridge Loan Program has allocated up to $10 million to become
eligible for small businesses in all 67 Florida counties for 90 or 180-day term, interest-
free loans up to $25,000. There will be more relief to come.
They are doing their small part. However, in reality, it’s up to us to make the commitment
in stepping up, I mean each and every one of us. We do this and we all will begin to
stimulate our own economy.